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Jl. Kramat 4 No.21 Senen Telp : 021 42802577/021 3912902, Jakarta Pusat
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Jakarta Pusat
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Dental Chair

Syncrus GL Dental Chair
• Bold design with rounded lines.

• Curved and involving backrest
Constructed in steel without salience at the back side.

• Central articulationIn massive steel.

• Structure
Built in massive steel with anticorrosive treatment, coated in polyestherene high impact.

• Base
With ergonomic design, built in steel with anticorrosive treatment, totally protected by antiskidding edges

• Seat height in relation to the floor
450mm minimum
900mm maximum

• Ample upholstery
With saliented lumbar support, mounted on the rigid structure recovered by injected polyurethane of high resistance recovered with laminated material and seamless.

• Elevation System
Electromechanical activatated through the moto-reducer BOSCH of low tension with 24 volts.

• Second arm fixed ( optional)
With lateral opening.

• Syncrus GLX Set of Arms
1 – fixed
1 – lateral opening

• Commands
Through the multifunctional ergonomic foot control fixed at the base.

• Activation through foot control
1– Ascension and descending of the seat.
2– Ascension and descending of the backrest.
3– Automatic return to zero position.
4- Programming of work.
5- Activation of dental light with adjustment of intensity.
6- Interruption of the Dental Chair movements when activating any key.

• Electronic system
Integrated and of low voltage ( 24 volts) .

• Feeding tension
127 or 220V~ 50/ 60Hz

• Ambidextrous

• Backrest
Bi-articulable, removable, anatomic, with movements antero-postero, longitudinal and height.

Delivery Unit

Syncrus SF Opti Delivery Unit
• Composition
-Triple Syringe
-Terminal with Spray for High Speed.
-Terminal for pneumatic micromotor.
-Bleaching and photopolymerizer Optilight LD.

• Articulable arms
With horizontal movements, regulation of height through the adjustment of the lock ring.

• Foot control
Progressive to the activation of the handpieces.

• Triple Syringe
Built-in. Swivel tip, removable and autoclavable.

• Hoses
Flat, rounded, lights and flexible, without grooves or strias.

• Handpieces support
With individual pneumatic activation

• Removable stainless steel tray

• Connection Box
Compact built in ABS with rounded edges.

• Paint
Very light grey color, with anti-corrosive treatment.

Body of the Delivery Unit Built in massive steel,
with anti-corrosive treatment, coated with high impact polyestherene.

• Holder
Frontal and central

• Translucent Reservoir for:
1- Water of the handpieces.
• Ambidextrous

Dental Light

Artus L Dental Ligth
• Activation through the foot control of Syncrus GL Dental Chair.

• Head made of resistant material with 620° rotation.

• Bilateral holders.

• Multifaceted mirror with multicoating treatment.

• White and cold light with adjust of intensity.

• Mirror protection in resistant and transparent material.

• Arms in steel with vertical and horizontal movements, with rounded edges.

Water Unit

Syncrus LE TV Water Unit
• Composition:
-1 Saliva Air Ejectors ( Venturi System)

• Ejectors Hoses
With detritus filter and quick connection.

• Hoses
Flat, rounded, lights and flexible, without grooves or strias.

• Handpieces support
With individual pneumatic activation.

• Paint
Very light grey color, with anti-corrosive treatment.

• Valves
With built-in water filter.

• Conductors In stainless steel, removable and autoclavable.

• Regulation of water flow system for all the bowl.

• Bowl
-With strainer with liquid retaining.

• Body
With adequated localization for a better position to spit.

• Electric command
For the water of the bowl.

• Ambidextrous

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